Wednesday, 2 December 2009

2000AD Advent Calendar

Over on the 2000AD forums a really great idea was put forward by Pete Wells of the 2000AD covers uncovered blog fame - each day during December, one or more board member will post something into an "advent calendar" topic. Pete has already posted his 1st December Judge Dredd X-mas movie epic and I'm certainly excited to see what else is in store... here is my effort for today's door!

I thought I'd celebrate one of my favourite new stories of 2009 - the terrific Zombo created by Henry Flint and written by Al Ewing.


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matt dawson said...

Santa should have a green face, it sets off his costume a treat ;) I'm trying to think of other undead carols / xmas songs... not as easy as you might think is it...?! Funky, freaky festivities sir!