Friday, 18 December 2009


Clue is in the title!

Quick sketch again today. I have decided to try to push forward with the Spacegirl in peril piece from yesterday... I'm struggling to find a suitable B-movie name for the imaginary feature, hopefully it'll come to me eventually!


Emperor said...

OK names (title and strapline/subtitle):

* "They Hunger: And earthgirls taste so sweet" (or "and earthgirls prove irresistible")
* "Earthgirls are the sweetest fruit"
* "The beast with a thousand stomachs: And all of them hunger" (or "And all of them hunger for earthgirls")
* "They Ate the Stars: And feasted on earthgirls for dessert" (or "And feated on our women for dessert" or use "earth women" instead of earthgirls).

Play with those a bit and see what tickles you (if any - it is only a quick brainstorm, I'll see if anything else occurs to me)

mygrimmbrother said...

I find myself strangely aroused by the pleasing arrangement of this piece.

matt dawson said...

She's going to need very heavy boots to get her centre of gravity balanced for flight ;) Like the female equivalent of Kent's kiss curl, nice touch.