Sunday, 4 April 2010

HiEx 2010

What can I say about HiEx that hasn't already been said elsewhere? What superlatives are left? The answers are not much and none, HiEx was a great experience and although it was over almost a whole week ago, it's still fresh in my mind as being one of the best conventions I've had the pleasure of attending. Thanks to Rich and Vicky for organizing such a great event!
As a result of going, there are some interesting pots of goop bubbling away nicely that I might be asked to taste if I'm lucky. But more about those culinary delights as they reach the table.

I still don't have anything much I can show, but here's a rough for a sketch of Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer.
In other news, I have been nominated for an Eagle Award in the best newcomer category! Seriously! I know! Thanks then go to the very kind soul who did that for me!
Fractal Friction, Jim Campbell and Rich Clements have also all been nominated in various other categories! I'll be sure to let you all know if I win, but let's face it, the opposition is mightily impressive!


Chris Askham said...

Some fine pencil skills there, Kev. Lovely clean line-work. Glad to hear that HiEx was a success. I may have to pull my finger out and head over to the Brum Con this year - there's only so long I can keep putting it off.

Rob said...

Great sketch and congratulations on the nomination! Glad you enjoyed Hi-EX! too... i was going to get the craic with you but every time i did see you someone had you doing a sketch.. So i didn't want to disturb the creative flow, y'know?

Philip Morgan said...

Great to hear that you're still buzzing from HiEx, I don't think I've heard you being as enthuesed as this after a convention before. Well done on the nominations, good luck for the first prize.