Monday, 26 April 2010

A Little Trouble in Dublin

I've just had my comp copy of another book I've illustrated for Cambridge University Press, like the ones I did last year it was done for the Discovery Readers range.

This one, A Little Trouble in Dublin was 25 illustrations in all, and after the approval of my rough pencils it was pretty much an illustration a day schedule.

Precocious teenage twins Andy and Mary get into a scrape with some criminals who run a forged euros racket in Dublin. Here, they've ended up at the Garda station where I designed a "watch out" poster, that gets mostly obscured... it was too visually distracting when it was where the map of Ireland is now, so I sacrificed it, the effort wasn't wasted though as it helped continuity in the next image where the twins had changed their clothes...

Four merit points for anyone who spots the two "in" gags I've included in the previous images and a gold star for anyone who gets the gag in the following one.

Don't ask if you're right though, I'll never tell!


essedesign said...

what a little trouble! nice designs!

Emperor said...

They look great - not sure about a gag in the last panel but I assume Lynott and Grafton refer to Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy. I'm guessing it is more subtle than that, like Mick's Grill, so... Grafton's Taxis.... nope can't get it.

Anyway top work.

Conor said...

Lovely stuff here, Kev! Really polished work. Think I got the gags but I won't spoil it for others!

matt dawson said...

Glad to see you posted these Kev... a solid pro job well executed, something to be proud of!

Buttonman said...

The poster on the station wall with the red, yellow and blue stripes looks a lot like an album cover by The Police. In a police station - I geddit!

Looks lke their is also a page from a high school yearbook on the wall but I can recognise the miscreant being shown.