Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sci-Fi Art Now Update

Well, I had confirmation that one of the pieces I submitted for John Freeman's Sci-Fi Art Now book is to be included! The piece is called The Squadron and I blogged about the process/journey that resulted in the finished piece earlier in the year.

The really cool bit about all this is that some of my art will be in a bona-fide hardback art book that you will be able to order:
More details about the book are available from HarperCollins and John has started a blog about Sci-Fi Art Now to help promote it too... but with all the quality artists involved, it will be worth owning anyway, please help make this book a success by pre-ordering it!

For now, I'm not going to show the piece that will be included, instead I'll show the other piece I submitted. Regular visitors to my blog will recognise this (I assume) from when I reworked it recently as a 2000AD prog one redux.

I had already posted the very rough sketch for the Alien Blob and Space girl as well... there was even a teaser.

I'm very chuffed that my art will make it into Sci-Fi Art Now as it's going to be exactly the sort of book that I used to pour over as a child... this is another big tick in the personal goals chart!


Gibson Quarter said...

Shame this one wont be in there, as I LOVE it!
I'll look forward to seeing what you have in there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kev-man, congrats on getting The Squadron into print!!! Looking forward to seeing it on the page #:-) B Wooster

matt dawson said...

It's their loss that they didn't also put this one in the book... but you still get a really cracking pin up piece for the folio! Many congratulations on the book illustration, I cannot wait to see it... this WILL be the first of many published 'comic artist Kev' works! First one illustration...soon the whole book then a whole series!!!

matt dawson said...

what a doofus, I didn't clock your new header... YES, THIS IS TOPS...(er, and at the top...of the page...). Multi eyes rock! :)

Anonymous said...

This pic is just crammed full of gelatinous goodness.
Love it.