Thursday, 25 March 2010

HiEx Packing and Portfolio

Been pretty busy in the last few weeks, still settling into the new home (and art office studio workspace thing)... there has been a distinct lack of posts.

All I have that I can show currently is the work I did on Teen Wulf and this is pretty much my favourite page from the whole strip. Fingers crossed this one page won't give too much away, but will whet your appetite for the rest!
Hopefully all my pre printing pimping means that you've already ordered this from the wonderful chaps at FutureQuake. I also hope you will enjoy it, it was a lot of fun to do!

Been preparing and packing this week for a long trek north to the HiEx Comic Convention (this coming weekend). I struggled to get my portfolio sorted until I entered the mindset "what if someone asked me what to include in a portfolio?".

Ruthlessly, I stripped out everything but my strongest sequential pages... now everyone says don't include pin-ups, but you know, I've had pretty good responses to this piece in the past and I think a pin-up can be something that sticks in a editor's mind, helping them to identify you. (WARNING: possibly slightly naughty for work and/or minors).
So I'm starting with that and then moving onto 6 pages of sequential work inc. a double page spread. Then I've got an illustration that will be printed in a book later in the year and a few other pieces of coloured work I'm particularly happy with. All in that's 10 folio sleeves, possibly a little more than I need but the order is such that hopefully by the point they get through the sequential stuff they'll be interested enough to see the rest.

Wish me luck, as I am driving all the way to Inverness, admittedly with a stop off in the Lakes courtesy of a very kind friend, but nevertheless, that's a long old drive. I'll be back soon, hopefully with some more stuff I can share!


Conor said...

Best of luck Kev, knock 'em bandy!

Rob said...

Nice one.. looking forward to picking up a copy on Sunday! take it easy going up that road, mate....

matt dawson said...

Looks even better with ink and tone than the pencils I saw kev. Love the playful use of branches, inspired! As you will read this upon your return, hope you knocked them dead at the show (and that the Lakes was a much needed break!).

Emperor said...

Sooooooooo how did it go? You've been back 2 whole days and I was hoping for a minimum of vague hints at truly great things.