Monday, 1 March 2010

Teen Wulf Teaser

Busy, busy, busy. Here's a sneak peak at a panel from a rather funky double-page-spread that's being planned for the next issue of Dogbreath... It will be my first collaboration in print too as it's being coloured by the incredibly talented artist and busy HiEx organising firefighter Vicky Stonebridge.

You know, you really could do worse than to order some of the FutureQuakePress titles such as Dogbreath and Zarjaz. What's that, you've just ordered some today?... Good!


Conor said...

That main character's face is fantastic Kev!

Neil Roberts said...

Great stuff, Kev - that is Prog-worthy, I tells ya!

Emperor said...

I've been teased too long and this panel looks damn fine - I want to see this now!!

Good news on the colouring - she did lovely work on the Simon Coleby variant cover for Turning Tiger, the only downside being there isn't a print version I can buy :(

Richmond A Clements said...

I can see the partly finished page from here- and it's bloody awesome so far!