Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Wulf Whistle

I'm back! This post has nothing to do with Whistling however! Unless a 'Phew', counts!

PHEW! I've just finished up the last pages for the Teen Wulf strip for Dogbreath.
In total it's a whopping thirteen page strip written by the wonderful Rich Clements, lettered by the immensely underappreciated Bolt-01 and has another logo designed by me.

Yes it's (in part) trying to mimic the 'Teen Wolf' logo from the Michael J Fox film... but the 'Wulf' lettering is all my own!

Strip will be published in issue 22 of Dogbreath and is launching at the HiEx Comic Convention in Inverness in just over a fortnight!

1 comment:

Emperor said...

That's cutting things a little fine isn't it ;)

That said it is a different type of "fine" that comes to mind here - "damn fine"!! Can't wait. I am disappointed I missed this Dogbreath (although hopefully DB 23 should more than make up for it) and this will be a cool soothing balm on that.