Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Another one of those creatures I've been doing semi-occasionally with Matt and Phil...
My Salamander is not really twisted at all... I wanted to treat this one very graphically to see what would happen... possibly with a view to developing some T-Shirt designs.

Phil's already done his push-me-pull-you styled take on it, but Matt is very busy on some other projects right now - no pressure buddy, it'll keep!


Philip Morgan said...

He's brilliant! You've managed to get so much character with so few marks. Liking the graphic approach too. Perhaps a little more colour in the flame wouldn't hurt, but I'm being picky.

matt dawson said...

It's interesting to see a flatter graphic treatment...quite liberating eh...? Hard to know when enough is enough I expect. Love the basic composition but if this were a Tshirt I were to wear (and you know I'd never be a billboard for anyone...) I think I'd want a little more definition / deatiling in the salamander, either that or a 180 in the other direction and go more silhouette against the flame background. The composition is ideal though, and the limbs and tail are spot on!

Thanks for the 'no pressure schedule' amigo! I'll get my salamander asap after this weekends MUST dos!