Monday, 26 October 2009

A Little Joker

If you've been paying attention, you might remember the Harley Quinn I did a while ago as a guest post on Scotch Corner.
I'm working on a (sort of) companion piece and this is an element that I've produced based on an old ink sketch I did circa July 2002.

No prizes for guessing the subject of the new piece... it wasn't something I was planning on, but a sketch I did yesterday afternoon grabbed my attention and seemed a really good way to properly kick-start the back-to-work discipline I need.


Philip Morgan said...

July 2002 eh? It was about that time Monsieur Humpherdingle and I went on our jolly around France. I hope there's no connection.

It's nice to see one of your humorous drawings again, I'm looking forward to seeing how this chap develops.

matt dawson said...

I love it! Did notice this used on your other piece but forgot to remark on it. Like pip says, nice to see another of your humorous little asides. I particularly like the careful use of just one colour, very striking and successful. Might this be a viable tshirt design too...?