Monday, 19 October 2009

15 Minute Dredd Head

Been sick as a dog ever since I went to Birmingham, and haven't really been up to much since. My good lady has the anti-viral medication for the flu - and both of us have been rattling around drugged up on a smorgasbord of other cold remedies for the past week.
Today, I feel almost back to normal - and to ease me in gently back to work I've done a quick Dredd Head as a submission for a drawing thread over on the 2000AD forum.

15 minutes to draw Dredd's head... This was 15 minutes, sketched in photoshop with my wacom. I'm not really that happy with how this has turned out - oh well... back to the drawing board!

Johnny Alpha, Stontium Dog... 15 minutes digital sketch:

"Stimpy, you eediot!"

Did you spot the 'deliberate' mistakes in these two?

No? It's '09 - not '08, obviously, I'm still a bit foggy in the head!

Another edit:
Durham Red:

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Philip Morgan said...

Not happy?! That took you only 15 minutes and you're not happy with it! Kev, if it's any consolation; I'm happy with it. I wish I could come up with something as well executed, as full of energy and character as that, in only 15 mins.