Friday, 23 October 2009

Frankenstein's Monster

The current topic for DrawerGeeks is Frankenstein's Monster.

Having done a version of the monster once or twice before, I was reluctant to tread the same ground.
Unfortunately as my idea arrived a bit late in the day yesterday, I've only partially finished it. I think it illustrates the concept though and I'm fairly happy with it - hopefully I'll get the chance to finish it up properly, but it's joining a long 'to do' list!


matt dawson said...

She's scary! The green tint and lighting really give it that James Whale horror pic feel. So I take it she's a scientifically / medically modified creature...?! Love the Tweak..."When aardvarks attack"...or is it just "Guess who"...?! Nice to see the spontaneous Wacom sketches. You look really at home in the digital world!

Philip Morgan said...

Excellent work my friend. She's more scary than Mary Shelley's original. Matt's right, your digital sketches are lush.

mygrimmbrother said...

Sweet! Looks finished to me Kev, perfect just as it is!