Saturday, 22 March 2008

My website is live!

I've spent all week over a hot iWeb... it seems to be up and running alright. I'm moderately happy with it. Unless you are Matt Dawson I suggest you check it out via the linked image above.

Matt - my 'Crash' entry is there, please visit as and when you are ready to, no hurry!

I'd really appreciate any comments be they critical or grammatical. It might be a little rough around the edges here and there and there is another whole section of sketchbook stuff yet to build - but for now it will do.


Bee said...

Great new website, nice impact with the page of thumbnails and all seems to display quickly. Hope you still have time for an IF post this week!

Paul Neal said...

Cool website. Is it comics you're interested in working in?

Mookage said...

Hi Kev - Have spent the last couple of hours browsing - knew you could do this stuff but hadnt seen it before. Most impressive. Glad you're doing it and enjoying it. Enjoy. craig