Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Another PODZ Creature

This was another of my favourite illustrations from the PODZ project...
This guy was supposed to be a huge creature capable of carrying a Gatling gun on his back. The thing that really made me giggle about this one was his safety goggles! Don't ask, it's simply ludicrous, but it still makes me laugh now.

I remember being pretty happy with how this art turned out. The character design, the weapon (design based heavily on the Gatling gun) and even his grass skirt armour, something just worked for me... But if you like hippopotamuses / hippopotami and elephants - what's not to like, especially if it happens to be wielding one of the meanest weapons this side of Halo.

(How the hell does he fire it? again, don't ask, because if you do ask, Sci-Fi dribble will be made up)

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