Friday, 14 March 2008

Beast of Bodmin

•••EDIT••• 12th APRIL 2008... Illustration Friday's topic this week is "Fail" - this failed to win the place in Fantagraphics' BEAST book... it originally failed to generate any comments! - I hope it doesn't fail intrinsically... the original posting below will give you all the details! •••END OF EDIT•••

Fantagraphics Books had an open submission to be included in Beasts Book Two. More details on the book can be found

I thought this might be an excellent opportunity for some exposure...
Unfortunately my piece wasn't chosen. On reflection, I'm not sure my style is particularly appropriate for them.
Here was my submission...

The Beast of Bodmin Moor. There are lots of rumours surrounding this creature, ranging from an escaped Puma to an 'Alien Big Cat'! There have been lots of reported sightings and lots of mauled sheep... but nothing concrete. Enter Mulder and Scully... or perhaps Sherlock Holmes is more appropriate for this interpretation...
Even the Natural History Museum in London investigated it... check it out
There's been a few hoaxes as well, but rest assured, I won't be starting another!

original large image here


L.A. French said...

Awesome! I'm glad I clicked on the larger image option...what great detail. My eyes just fly to that inferno of a mouth! Wouldn't want to meet this guy in person!

thefridayfrog said...

aaawwwwww!!!! i saw that whole thing, too. this would have been a GREAT piece but sooo many submissions, kev! next time, next time! this is super! :)))

Brine Blank said...

Nice pic...sometimes you never know!!! A lot of the old school looks seem to be in vogue at many art competitions. I think sometimes people have a bit of a backlash against what appears to be digital (I say this because a lot of the old school looking work is digital but doesn't have the polished look so much)...nice work on your website as well!