Saturday, 2 February 2008

Frosted Jacks - Cereal Killer

Whilst checking out Lee Cosgrove's wonderful gorillustrator blog, and specifically his Highland Crunch, I discovered the brilliantly macabre Cereal Killers.

For the past twelve years I have been designing the sort of promotional toys that drop out of Nestlé and Kellogg's cereal. The satire and wit on the Cereal Killers' blog struck a bit of a chord with me and I felt that I was suitably experienced to have a crack at my own "Cereal Killer"...

Photo credit for the bowl of cereal goes to Jaci Berkopec from her Flickr account, check out her official website too. I found the picture with a google search and it fitted perfectly with my composition. I've tinkered with it a bit for the added Shining!

I hope you enjoy this and as usual, please feel free to comment.


BEER said...

Really nice work. This is brilliant. I love this movie but this just made me giggle like a little school girl. BTW I would totally buy this if I saw it just for the prize inside.

phoole said...

Love it.

Anonymous said...

Haha, this is great, nice touch with the Kellogs/Kubrick logo.

Thanks for the mention of my blog in your post, much appreciated.

Looks like you've been busy since christmas, you've cranked out a loooad of great pieces since I last stopped by here.

Liking your Peter Pan cover btw.

Doktor Viktor Von Kreep said...

I really love this cereal box, being a big fan of the Shining and would love to include it in Cereal Killers!

Drop me an email

André Gribble said...

This is genius!
I love all the details, Redrum, the twins, the Kubrick's logo, Tony.... just grrrrreat!
Congratulations on getting your design on Cereal Killers. And for your amazing blog! You've been pretty busy it seems.

*Also, thanks for your kind comments on my blog.