Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentine's Day Redundancy

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, after nearly twelve and a half years, I am being made redundant in my capacity as a designer of promotional toys.
This is a good thing as I hope it will allow me to see whether I can make it as a freelance illustrator or not. With the support of my lovely wife Vicky (happy Valentine's day sweetheart), my family, some seriously talented friends and my agent, I hope it will all turn out ok.
This is my chance to make a childhood dream come true. Wish me luck, or even better, commission me...


matt dawson said...

If you draw it they will buy! Tread the rightous path for all us sinners and leave a trail of breadcrumbs for me to follow! ABC amigo! (Always Be Creative)

phoole said...

Hey Kev,

I've broken my recently self imposed, no blog watching till the weekend rule to wish you a very Happy Redundancy Day!

There's no question as to wether you'll make it. You will.

Keep them juices flowing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kev,
Best of luck with the freelancing fella - you've got the talent though so you should be fine.

Qualia said...

Happy Redundancy Day Badgerboy! Really looking forward to seeing you soon, xxx

Auro said...
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aurangelica said...

Hey the most important thing is when you decide to go on!!! Good luck!!!

Everything is going to be all right!


Greetings from Mexico!!!

shaky mouse said...

i'm in a very similar situation.. i've been in my job for 14 years.. and the dreaded "restructuring" has reared it's head. know how you feel.. drop me an email if you want to compare notes :)