Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I'm a Cereal Killer!

Wow, I'm pretty chuffed... My "Frosted Jacks" Cereal Killer design is going to be included in Kreepsville Industries' up coming book of the same name.

My work will be included alongside artists such as Bill Wray, Lou Romano, Nate Wragg, and a host of other illustration and animation luminaries! I am humbled and delighted!

Here's a variety pack taster for you to enjoy.

Frightened Flakes ©Jay Stephens
Rice Kreepies ©Wayne Harris
Shredded Feet ©Dan Thompson
Crispy Creepies ©Gabe Swarr

Check out some of the other amazing pieces of work on Doktor Viktor's Cereal Killers Blog.


Heather said...

you must be very excited!! great work here on your blog. :O)

Anonymous said...

Hey great stuff Kev!


phoole said...

Nice one Kev!

Qualia said...

Oh my word, that is wonderful news. It seems the perfect thing for you to o, just the right mix of creativeity and strangeness. See you soon, Qualia

matt dawson said...

great work Kev !!! They are kinda like the 'anti- readybrek' of the cereal world...give you that nice blue glow throughout the day! The free gift could have also been a mini maze...! :)