Saturday, 6 February 2010

Teen Wulf

Ahh, some news has been reported on thequaequamblog about my involvement on a fun little project that has been brewing since last year's Bristol Comic Expo.
Teen Wulf, a two part story about Wulf Sternhammer's youthful exploits. The first part will be available in the next (imminent) issue of Dogbreath!

I did this sketch as a warm-up whilst Rich Clements, (who should need no introduction to regular readers of my blog) was writing the script.
I've blogged about this in one, two or three teaser postings before...
I'm working on the second part now, and then it's onwards with Corvus, also written by Rich!

Credit to Nic Wilkinson at Insomnia for the great punning on the title.


Emperor said...

I can't wait - the teasers have done their job, so consider me well and truly teased. That is also a spiffy picture in its own right.

I should also say: top punning on the title!!

Alex said...

Ya top punning indeed old cucumber!
looking forward to it also

Kevin Levell said...

Thanks guys, I should probably point out that the title was a suggestion made by Nic Wilkinson (at Insomnia) whilst Rich and I were in early discussions over Corvus.

(I think I'll edit the main post to include this factoid).

I am not Kek-w said...


Richmond A Clements said...

Great work Kev!

This strip was a lot of fun to write. I was going to say that it's just this side of ridiculous- but it's not- it's waaay the other side!

And yes, the title is a thing of near genius!

Kerrin Shaw said...

Class Kev! Looking forward to the next Dogbreath even more now.