Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Done to Death

Yikers! a week between posts - that ain't good!
I've been busy - an imminent house move, various other drawing-y bits and the Teen Wulf strip for Dogbreath have kept me from having stuff to blog about.
I was out waiting for a plumber and whilst I waited, I managed to sketch this up!

Judge Death, I still think he's one of the best ever Dredd-world villains despite having been slightly too comedic in certain stories.


matt dawson said...

wooah! Scary stuff! There is something about villains with drawn back lips, big teeth and no eyes (alien, the unused Saurons mouthpiece from LOTR, Janet Street Porter with sunglasses ;) Deft pencil work sir... be nice to see some of your final work that retains some of these lovely looser sketch lines of yours.

VickyS said...

I'ts brilliant! and so is the Young Wulf stuff Gorgeous!

Alex said...

It's Brilliant!