Friday, 22 January 2010

Evil Genius

The new DrawerGeeks topic is 'Evil Genius'. This was loads and loads of fun with stacks of possibilities. I thought about the classic Donald Pleasance Bond villian and Mike Myers' Dr.Evil that was spawned by him. I thought about Ming the merciless and other such Sci-Fi villains... I thought about Dick Dastardly, The Hooded Claw, Baron Greenback and Dr. Frankenstein... I was tempted to revisit some old ground too.

What have I come up with then? Only a rough sketch, but one that I'm pleased seems to capture the essence of a lot of those characters mentioned above, but it also owes something to Braniac from Superman and Dr. Emit Brown from Back to the Future for the hat thing.

I'd have loved to have a bit more time to work this up, design a proper lair and possibly a henchman or two in the background too, alas time she was a cruel mistress and for now this is where I must leave it.

Oh, and one last thing:


Conor said...

Ha ha excellent! Just the right amount of cunning in his eyes too. If you did get the chance, a lair would be great :)

Emperor said...

That should be in the dictionary next to the definition of "evil genius" as it ticks all the boxes:

Evil? Check
Genius? Check


You can always return to it later but get it out there and keep moving on.

matt dawson said...

PERFECTION! Don't worry about not having the time to finish it, just invest your energies in developing the "illustratormatic blogotron" and you never have to worry about short deadlines ever again! Seriously Kev, lovely stuff, bags of character and a perfect design.

Brine Blank said...

Great design and capture on this....familiar but with a twist...tops!