Thursday, 14 January 2010

First Dredd of 2010

Not much else to say really.

A reasonably quick sketch - I'm still defining how I want my Dredd to look I think.


mygrimmbrother said...

Me too! There's almost too many possibilites isn't there? One thing I really like about yours is the Ron Smith 'furrowed brow' crosspiece thingy. That's a keeper.

Conor said...

I can never draw him the same way twice! Like your take on it though. Good 'ageing' going on there too.

Philip Morgan said...

He looks good to me, nice work.

Obviously from a professionals point of view you need to keep certain motifs such as the helmet, badge and the jaw line when drawing Dredd. But I'd like to see what you'd come up with if you threw all the rules out the window and created him from scratch.

Alex said...

I'd never noiced the furrowed brow in Ron Smith's work, (Shows you how much attention i was paying)
but i did notice it right away on yours. Like it. It works well. I only discoved your art last week. brilliant stuff. Liking it!