Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I've been off for a few days and I'm back a little more refreshed than when I left and definitely ready to get stuck into the pile of things I now have to catch up on.
The 'Twisted Creatures' or the examples of 'Darwin's Worst Evolutionary Nightmare' continue unabated with the current animal being the Hyena. Matt and Phil have both completed their wonderful versions already.

Matt has nominated the Camel for the next animal for our respective treatments. I hope Matt and Phil won't mind that this little cheat will modify the two creatures into one submission. It also fits Illustration Friday's current topic of modify.

Mixing the body of the Camel with the head of the Hyena has come up with something truly bizarre - but there is something I like about it. With a bit more work I think this could easily work as one of the 'genetically modified' Podz creatures I worked on before I was a freelancer.

I guess it falls to me to nominate the next animal - unless I've been disqualified!
Next creature: Salamander


Denise Gallagher said...

funny! and great illustration!

Philip Morgan said...

A shameless cheat you are Sir! But one has to admire your ingenuity; completing three briefs with one deft stroke. Genius!

He looks like he could've swallowed a camel, rather than have been crossed with one. He has a definite look of indigestion on his face.

Excellent choice for the next bizarre beast too.

Word Verification: refood

Does that refer to chicken nuggets, Bernard Manning ham and the like.

james corcoran said...

Nice stuff Kev!

Like the background colour and texture, is that done digitally?

Philip Morgan said...

It looks a bit like a living AT-AT too.

matt dawson said...

THAT"S IT PHIL! Been puzzling me as to what it reminded me of... it's the long legs and short neck I reckon. Lovely stuff, very nice loose texture rendering ...although Phil and I will have to see if we knock off points for the shameless violation of the rules ;) Curiously the Camel and Hyena seem to be fairy contented bedfellows... might find itself losing it's footing in a high wind though... back to AT-AT's again! Salamander it is then...did you chose that because Attenborough did it for his last podcast...?

alex fine illustration said...

Very well executed illustration for the theme. Well rendered too.