Sunday, 22 March 2009

Cornering Tharg

Yesterday was the bumper 2000AD signing at Forbidden Planet in London to support the release of David Bishop's Thrill-Power Overload in paperback. I dutifully got a copy signed by the the gang of charming creators (affectionately known as 'droids') who were in attendance.

My thanks for pleasant chatettes go to: Dan Abnett, David Bishop, Simon Davis, Rufus Dayglo, Al Ewing, Henry Flint, Frazer Irving, Tony Lee, Brendan McCarthy, Matt Smith and Si Spurrier. Particular thanks to Simon in fact for looking at my work, claiming to know me from somewhere but mainly for being ego boosting about my artwork - charming fellow!

Once again I showed my work to Tharg - poor man hemmed in by my portfolio, a table and a rack of books (not to mention the other fans of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic) - I left him no where to go...
...He was once again very kind about my story telling and complimentary about certain other aspects of my work, although he didn't think I was exactly suited to Dredd, he told me to e-mail him my samples. No promise of work but a major step forward!

On friday I had managed to bash out this extra page of finished pencils.

I don't think it helped much other than I felt I had enough in my porfolio to show what I could do with a script. Look out for a subtle Police Academy reference on this page.

I'm not sure how close I am to having my work printed in 2000AD but a letter I sent in is printed in this week's prog... more on that when I pick up my copy in the week!


Mark said...

Y'know Kev, I've seen a lot of improvement in your work from when I first visited here ages ago, to this point. So keep plugging away - you WILL get work soon.

Jim Boswell said...

Kev, you have my utmost respect for your continuing pursuit of work with 2000AD! You certainly deserve a shot, I really hope you get it.

Personally, I grew tired of doing sample pages to show Matt Smith (and in the old days David "incredibly rude" Bishop)and wanted to see my work in print, somewhere in the comics world. Have you considered other publishers, like Markosia or Insomnia? Your work is more than worthy of publication - you seem to be in exactly the same situation as me, only I've given up on 2000AD - for the time being, at least :-) Best of luck!

David Baillie said...

Hey Kev - really like your stuff.
Hope matt gives you the thumbs up.


Lee Townsend said...

Hi Kev-I have also seen a lot of improvement in your'e work, keep going you are getting better all the time, good luck with it!

matt dawson said...

It's only a matter of time before your work takes it's rightful place Kev! Everything you are producing has that professional feel. It's a real positive getting the 'direct ear of tharg', take it as a vindication of all your hard work! Sorry, am I being dense, but I don't see the P.Academy ref, spect it's just me though! What was your published letter all about then...? Look forward to hearing more.

verification "hecti"... life can get pretty hecti !

Darren said...

Lovely work. Looks good enough for 2kAD if you ask me!