Sunday, 8 March 2009

Cambridge Smorgasbord?

I thought I'd share three other illustrations that I've done for Cambridge University Press in Madrid. All done for books in their Discovery Readers range, the first two are from Tasty Tales.

This first one is a kind of Harry Potter styled kid with whiskers...


tighter pencils:

This next one is a nice, tasty, Full English Breakfast... in its natural environment - a seaside B&B!


tighter pencils:

... and this one comes from Tales of Terror and is from an adaption of the Edgar Allen Poe story The Tell Tale Heart.


tighter pencils:

Hope you enjoyed seeing these - I've got a few more to do which should be good and I'll share a couple of those when they're complete too.


Lee Townsend said...

Thanks for all the comments on my Blog Kev, nice work and great to see these stages, good luck with it all, and that breakfast looks very appertising, sure beats cornflakes...

Jim Boswell said...

Hi Kev, these pics look fantastic! You've really clicked your line-art with your colouring, awesome work. Thanks for the comments on my football strip - no, I'm not a football fan either! It's been surprisingly fun to draw though. I've even enjoyed the crowd scenes somewhat, in a strange sadistic way...

phil said...

Mmm, that's a tasty looking breakfast. Tasty art work in general.