Monday, 9 March 2009

10 minute Dredd

The 2000ad web forum has a topic going at the moment - a quick challenge to sketch Judge Dredd's head in under 15minutes... the idea being to see which classic Dredd artist you think you're trying to emulate.

I don't know who I'd say I was trying to emulate with my Dredd but my favourite Dredd artists as a kid were always Brian Bolland, Steve Dillon, Mike McMahon, Carlos Ezquerra and Ian Gibson.


Mark said...

Always reckon my Dredd sketches show the influence of Mick McMahon, 'cus the helmet is like a rounded paint tin.

Lee Townsend said...

Now that's a cool looking Dredd! good for the time you did it as well Kev, you can see the Steve Dillion influence, very nice.

Stephen Reid said...

I posted one too.

essedesign said...

good portrait!