Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Blog

I can't believe this blog is now a year old. It certainly got me thinking a bit about where I was this time last year, and what I was doing... My first posting was a page of comic art, admittedly not the greatest page but, I think, slightly foretelling of where I was going.

I have been pretty much fully occupied away from comic-strip endeavours over the holiday season and don't have anything to show apart from this page again. Although, it does now have the added bonus of the lettering.
I think the letters really brings the page alive and I'm hoping that they help to show that my samples are good enough for the illustrious publication that is 2000AD!

Judge Dredd © 2009 Rebellion Developments/2000AD


qualia said...

i can't believe it has been a year, happy birthday to you! anyway, the page already looked good but the dialogue really does help to make it 'pop' as it were. glad to see it developing so well...x

phil said...

Happy Birthday!

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...
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Stephen Reid said...

Hey Kev,
I can definitely see your work published in 2000ad!

It should be.