Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A Quick Dredd Sketch

I did this sketch quickly this morning and thought I'd try out a digital toning experiment with it.

I think the tone gives it that really old-school feel and I like that bold splash of red too.


matt dawson said...

You're BASHING out some corking stuff too Kev !!! The tone is excellent and the limited palette is superb (few colours is really the way to go don't you find...?!). This IS your best Dredd yet! A fine art print for certain. Lovely stuff! (now moderate my comment please...)

phil said...

Hi Kev, the simplicity of this Dredd is it's strength I think. The limited palette really works.

I know you're busy with moving and 2000AD art, but any chance of you bashing out a few monsters/creatures for the blog. I've been messing around on the trial SPORE Creature Creator and it reminded me that you always were the King of Creatures.

phil said...

I've had a second look at your new Dredd, and I love even more than I thought I did when I first looked at it. The old-school quality is supurb.

qualia said...

brilliantly old school, x

Graeme Neil Reid said...

Oooh zip tone is nice. Its so much easier on a computer today but I used to love fiddling about with a scalpel and the old sticky sheets. I'm becoming quite fond of your Dredd, I do like the roundness of your Judge's helmet (no matter how I write that it sounds rude) and I know I've ssaid this before but reminds me of Ron Smith's Dredd helmet. I don't know why more people don't use the scowl under the respirator it works really well.