Friday, 17 October 2008

Elephant Research

I've just received some samples of postcards (that I did the artwork for) that have been printed in aid of elephant research in Botswana.

To find out more about Kate Evans and her work, please pop along to the website.

Kate also has a blog that she regularly updates.


matt dawson said...

These look great Kev... they will do nicely as calling cards...not that I'm saying you ARE an elephant...! Nice to have done you bit as well. Kev Levell, "friend to pacyderms."

Eli said...

That's awesome, they look great!

qualia said...

that's brilliant news. i do love the ickle baby dumbo, everytime i see him i want to give him a hug. would have to be very careful though before i ended up having a 'blue peter' moment...x