Thursday, 30 October 2008

Collecting The Collection

This morning, Vicky and I went on a mission...

A really nice chap who frequents the 2000AD online forums as Dark Jimbo had decided to give away his entire 2000AD collection. As it turned out, his collection started almost exactly where mine stopped. All I had to do was go and collect the issues he had amassed! "Awesome", I thought, as even though I've been reading some of the collected volumes - most notably the 'origins' and 'mandroid' story arcs - I've felt a bit out of touch with the current goings on in Dredd's world.

I did this illustration for him as part of my thanks for his enormous act of generosity... it turns out that Jimbo is a talented illustrator himself... check out his deviant art page here.

Hopefully this serendipitous event is significant in a cosmic... err, comic kind of a way!! Regardless of that, thanks go to Jimbo, his comics have found a good home!

Judge Dredd © 2008 Rebellion Developments/2000AD


Stephen Reid said...


That was really nice of Jimbo.

I shot you an email.


phil said...

I like the illo Kev, it's up to your usual high standard, but I haven't seen you use the colour bleed on the edge of the image before, it's a nice effect. Likes it.

Ps. Way to go Jimbo.

qualia said...

how lovely of him and what a great pic to give him too, x

matt dawson said...

Very strong piece... the forms are rock solid and well observed with some nice touches in the rendering. A worthy gift indeed!