Friday, 25 July 2008

Dredd (page one)

The more I work on this the more I think I'd really like to try to get some work drawing comics - I think my style is probably suited to that industry... As I mentioned previously I've been working on a Judge Dredd script to draw up.

This was tougher than I expected... probably because I wanted something cool that I felt would represent me and hopefully go part of the way to getting me some work.

Zombies are still pretty vogue (now there's another idea for an illustration!) and having recently watched Shaun of the Dead, I thought I could do a nice cross-over thingy, I believe Simon Pegg is a bit of a 2000ad fan, well you've only got to watch Spaced to figure that out!

Above is the script for page one (click to read), I've made some changes to it in the sketches. I only did what I had to do to get a workable script and I think it's important for me to improve the flow and pace of the story at this stage - I think another draft of the script could do that also, but I'm not trying to get a job writing scripts!

I hate to admit that I'm not sure what my preferred approach is going to be... I sketched the above piece digitally at 133% printed size (the largest that would comfortably fit on A3). Working digitally means that I can move things around easily...
I printed this out and used it as an underlay on my light-box.

This is a composite of the digital work and my pencilled page (scanned back in). I've got the pencils on a nice sheet of Bristol board ready for inking.
I'm intending to get the whole story pencilled before I go to ink because there might be somethings I want to change when I get to the end... hopefully that wouldn't be the case with a professional script!


qualia said...

i really like the look and feel of the second image. don't know the comic at all but it certainly looks the part to my novice eyes. hope this works out for you and hope you liked monkey, x

Brine Blank said...

I like the layout of this...esp. the transformation panels and the feel you get from rotating them slightly...