Thursday, 31 July 2008

2000AD Panel Discussion

I'm going to a discussion about 2000AD next Tuesday (5th Aug 6:10pm) at the bfi's southbank location. There's a link to the event here for reference.

Past and present creators of the galaxy's greatest will be there to discuss the history and future of the comic. Pat Mills, Dave Gibbons and Robbie Morrison are amongst the luminaries reported at 2000AD online...

For uninteresting reasons, I have a spare ticket for a front row seat... If any reader of this blog wants it, you are welcome to it. Just bung me an e-mail and we'll sort something out.

On a slightly related note, I found this picture from the recent San Diego Comic Con on David Bishop's blog earlier in the week.

Simon is sporting a retro-style 2000AD T-shirt. Which is nice, appropriate timing given my Dawn Of The Dredd script and sample pages!

If you're interested in the ticket, e-mail me at:



Rob le Hump said...

Bloody hell Kev, the Dread's look fantastic - particularly the front page, colour one. Really proud of you, such great talent.

Mark said...

That SPACED photo left me kinda tearing up. Any time I see Tim and Daisy reunited, I get all emotional. It's a Pavlovian response. I also start humming "Back For Good" by Take That.