Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Dredd (cover)

I was floundering a bit on my page layouts and needed to get some focus. My good pal Matt suggested I try a pin-up/cover for the story. Usually, for a sample, they say not to do splashy pin-ups, as editors want to see that you can progress a story sequentially. In my opinion the best 'how to' book for this is Comics and Sequential Art by Will Eisner but How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way is also pretty good...

I really got into drawing the Zombies on this, had fun with the anatomy - trailing feet and claw-like hands... it helped me put the fun, cartoony element back into my stuff. I'm going to revisit the pencils on page one and two after I have mapped out the next couple of pages. I've knocked this up into a cover with all the logos and title treatment because I got a bit over-excited I'm afraid!

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matt dawson said...

That's it!!! Sells the concept, iconic, humorous, memorable ! Is that pink foam as the wavey line in the background...? Look forward very much to seeing the colour. "Lovely stuff"...not my words...the words of...:)