Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Usual Suspects

Here's another commission for Ian Leonard.

Originally, it started out as a re-working of the classic 1983 Judge Dredd annual cover by Brian Bolland.

Some of the villains Ian and I wanted to include were a little less well-known and also we had Anderson in there too. So in the end, the piece has very little resemblance to the initial concept... I'm still pretty pleased with it though.

I think in part it's because I tried something a bit different for my blacks on this piece. I worked in watercolour, trying to add something to my inking process, to help me stay away from being too tight. I also think it makes the image a bit more visually interesting as watercolour is a little bit more unpredictable.

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matthew ellis said...

hi Kev
I think the looser style is great and he's got a nice piece there.