Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hot Dog

Finished a 'sketched' commission for another 2000ad forum member last week. Rob Ellis, who I did a coloured and more 'finished' piece of Tyranny Rex for a long time ago. I blogged the whole process during May 2011 for those who're interested.

This time I was just doing a sketch of Halo Jones, one of my favourite characters from the 2000ad archive.

This was the digital rough I produced. I knew I wanted to try the watercolour approach I used on the recent Dredd and Anderson piece, but I wanted to make sure I was getting the forms right first.

Here's the piece printed out in blue and then inked.

Here's the same stage with the blue removed. I scanned it in case I made a mistake on the watercolours. Nice to see what the clean lines looked like though!

Here's the final piece without any adjustments. I removed the blue from the piece in the first image above for a cleaner look, but Rob liked the blue on the final piece anyway.

I'm available for commissions similar to this for around £75 inc. P&P - please do contact me for a quote though as I charge a lot less for head shots, single characters and 'convention' style sketches.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for such an amazing piece kev - your love of Halo shines through!