Monday, 12 November 2012

The First Banned Cover Shoot

Last week, the cover for 'Banned Across The Universe' was leaked on facebook!

So, for those that missed it there, here it is, sans logos and stuff for now!

I did a couple of roughs, based on two well known images (the other needs to remain secret for now, in case we use it at a later date). This one though, I think, wears it's inspiration very obviously...

...for those that spotted straight off that this was a blatant compositional swipe (from the Star Wars poster below), take ten house points!

This has to be my favourite Episode IV poster, the original UK one sheet, with the other, 'opening crawl' style logo.

1 comment:

matt dawson said...

As always it's cracking to see your process. It already feels like a rich world of entertainment has taken shape with the Banned material you've posted, great things are implied and expected sir! For me the cover feels a lot like an annual cover... a kinda bumper edition of fun to keep you entertained for christmas day morning!