Wednesday, 12 September 2012

More Machine Than Man

I mentioned that I have had a touch of RSI in my thumb in my previous post.

I was away for a week in sunny north Norfolk last week. I had hoped that the problem would clear up with the rest. Nope!

Now, I've been prescribed some special gel to rub into my thumb and I've been given this splint to wear.

I feel decidedly Darth Vader-ish or Luke Skywalker-y! I've been told it should sort itself out in a couple of weeks. Interestingly, the most effective thing has been alternating the hand between bowls of warm and cold water. A minute in each and swap five or seven times, starting and finishing on warm!

The tendon in the thumb is inflamed and any strain will exacerbate the problem...

...I can type and drive a mouse, but pen-work has been nigh-on impossible. It's a worry, but hopefully, it should clear up in time for me to start the next episode of Banned Across the Universe!


Brigonos said...

Welcome to the club! It's you, me, and PJ so far.

I'm coming up on my second year with RSI, and the hot/cold water thing doesn't actually do you any good in the long run as you're just temporarily overloading one sensation in that area with another. Complete rest for your hands is your best treatment, and I mean COMPLETE rest: no pens or pencils, no pc, no remote controls, no video games, no cellphones. I've found NSAIs like Arcoxia can help, too, but your best bet is a consult with a physiotherapist so you can discuss area-specific exercises - if any - that can help in the long run.

matt dawson said...

That's a worry. Gives me the heebie jeebies to think, but for the 'weak link in the chain' of my hand... no more drawing. I'm really sorry to hear it's an ongoing problem. Much easier said than I know... but the last comment seems apposite and sensible. Maybe work in the afternoon after things have loosened up...? Leave the am for recuperation if possible (like you can live your life with one hand I know!)... ? Wish I could literally lend a hand!