Monday, 28 May 2012

Long Arm of The Law

I did this a while ago, as a cover pitch, I haven't heard back on it (unsurpisingly) so, I thought, probably safe to share.

This colour version, has a revised arm, the problem was spotted by the eagle editorial eyes of Bolt-01.

I fixed it in photoshop, after I'd had one of those disasterous "flatten and save" incidents in (bloody) photoshop - so it's a little more detectable than it would normally be.
Really, adobe, how difficult would it have been to save the sanity of millions of application users and build in a simple back-up... anyone who mentions dropbox, timemachines or any other second party fail-safe back-ups will be ignored - I FECKIN' KNOW, it's my own stupid fault!

See, it's there in the inks, Dredd has a disturbing case of "the long arm of the law"!

but weirdly, it's not so noticeable in the roughs, well, to my eyes at least.

Inks are for sale, and they come with a nice A3 print of the (revised) colour version all for the bargain price of £95 inc. P&P (to any UK address).


matt dawson said...

It's one of those tricky things...we all know the feeling, being too close to see things while you work on something. Don't beat yourself up about the 'fault', it really wasn't overly distracting. Flatten & Save, yup, been there... that cold chill when the icy horror of what you've done (and not done...) dawns on you. Then again, how irritating would a pop up box saying "now... are you sure you want to save...?" ... "sure now...???... it's flat...?!!".

Jim Campbell said...
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Jim Campbell said...

Ahem… might I direct your attention to:

(Buggered up the link in the post above…)