Monday, 14 May 2012

At a Junction

Saturday was CamCon. It was a brilliant day, and I thoroughly enjoyed my first event "behind a table", assuming that's not a euphemism. I sketched more than I thought I would and was pleasantly surprised by the sale of some of my pre-drawn examples. I was also suprised that someone did indeed pop up and exclaim "Dogtaroo!" at me (see last post).

Thanks go to Ziggy Newman and Ian Rudd who were organising the event. If there is another one next year, I would definitely be interested in attending.

I owe a massive thanks to Leigh Gallagher for letting me sit near him, for not minding the car-boot sale of books I also had stashed away for sale and also for feeding me chewits!

It was good to see the always cheerful and chatty Terry and Liz Martin who were sat behind us, giving Murky depths and Dead Girls the hard sell!

Opposite our Table were the lovely Luba and Hong who were selling beautiful Kimonos at what I thought were incredibly low prices.

It was great to catch up with Sean Phillips and Emma Vieceli. I also bumped into El Chivo who showed me the gob-smacking amount of worked he'd got through for Davey Candlish's Jikan Chronicles.

Finally thanks to all those who stopped, chatted or bought graphic novels or sketches from me!

I did have a number of sketches I did speculatively, and here are two examples of the sorts of things I was drawing. The Batman above is looking for a home and I'd happily part with him for £7.50 inc. P&P (UK).

Hulk here already has a new home to go to, and I also have another Iron-Man to do too!

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