Friday, 16 December 2011

Season's Greetings

It's that time of year again.

I've just sent out my e-card to (hopefully) all of my friends, family, clients and collaborators etc.

En-masse e-mail delivery paranoia demands that I state here that if you haven't received the card, feel you should have or would like to receive it next year... please do that which is necessary to alert me, fix your filters and/or notify your e-mail provider that I'm not spam!

It's a truly awful pun, but that is, in-keeping with festive or seasonal jokes found in crackers...

The initial idea was just a horrible cardigan made into a card, like so many 'Christmas jumpers' of my youth - after sketching a perplexed and generic 'every-man' holding up said offending garment, it occurred that the real joke was in the misunderstanding. Why it became Peter Parker and MJ is anybody's guess, but my guess would fall firmly in the camp of "because I like drawing girls".

The usual 'stages' stuff follows:

digital roughs

sketch-up lounge guide

final digital "pencils"


All the very best of the season to you all, have a good one!


Bella said...

Ah, the dreaded Christmas jumper. It jut wouldn't be the same without one. (They are warm and practical though - go on, admit it).

Mr Toodle said...

Thanks for the card Kevla. It arrived in my in box yesterday. And thanks for sharing the devopment, interesting as always. Happy Christmas.

matt dawson said...

I love seeing your development process Kev. Many thanks for the card... down with hallmark, hooray for considered seasonal missives! Deck the halls sir!