Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Wasp Block

A new post from me over on A Little Bit Bunny. Unfortunately, it's not as finished as I would like, but I've received some feedback I was waiting for on another project and suddenly, play-time is over again!

Here's a quick sketch-up model I made for the main design element... and yes, that's Judge Dredd's Lawmaster in there... not that you see much of it in the final piece!


Philip Morgan said...

I love seeing your sketch-up models Kev. The finished piece is great, but it's nice to see it's bones too.

Alex said...

You should really try and get a go at using some of the proffessional modelling packages, Maya or 3DS Max. It looks to me like you would run with something like that.

I'm sure you can get limited trial periods for some of those.

Lightwave isn't the force it used to be but is a lot cheaper than Maya and still provides excellent results.

You should try it I think you are a natural modeller.

Lee Townsend said...

Great to see this sketch up model Kev, looks very good! are you going to Kapow?