Thursday, 2 December 2010

Austerity Measures

It's virtual advent Calendar time again over on the 2000ad forums.

Dirty Frank is one of my favourite characters from 2000ad at the moment. He's a long term undercover Judge who talks about himself in the third person and is named after a Pearl Jam song. He's part of the Lowlife strip written by Rob Williams. I showed Rob the inks for this and I'm thoroughly chuffed to say he like it... so, I showed it to Tharg, who thought Frank's left arm looked a little awkward... I can't see it myself, but I'll bear it in mind next time I'm asking him for work!

He needs to hire me soon though, or it'll be me picking through the bins for food scraps! (only joking)

If you're interested, last year's entry is here.


essedesign said...

uh, Dirty Frank is a very professional cook, but i hope that he will wash his hands!


Emperor said...

Superb Dirty Frank - I'm a big fan too, in fact I have a DF script accepted by Zarjaz. Wooo. Extra gold stars for including a Pearl Jam poster in the background ;)

Tharg might be right about the arm - it didn't occur to me but if you actual strike the pose his right arm would be a lot further forward than the left one (in that pose the left arm bent at the elbow would be rummaging in the back of the bin not the front). Unless I've got it completely wrong and he was really talking about the piss-stains on the arm of the coat ;)

Also have you seen Matt Timson's Dirty Frank?

matt dawson said...

Almost Dickensian stuff... Fagen meets Jack Sparrow... the artwork works very well for me (uneducated in the ways of 2000AD as I am...) arm and all.