Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Interview

You may remember I recently plugged John Freeman's book Sci-Fi Art Now.

As part of the promotion for the book he's been interviewing all the contributors... mine is now up on the Sci-Fi Art Now blog.

I hope it's of interest, and not pretentious... I am excited all the same to have been interviewed about my work!


Philip Morgan said...

A really interesting interview Kev, even I learned a few things and I've known you for years.

matt dawson said...

All spoken like the true professional you are Kev! Wise words. You are an inspiration to know too (thanks for my name check...matt mumbles while looking at his feet). I'm sure that my work really wouldn't be the same without your sphere of influence (er...makes me sound like a satellite orbiting your massive creative gravitational field...?!)... ;-) And everyone who hasn't seen you needs to realise, he's not as scary as his photo makes out! When viewed large it does also look like you are pissed off at the graffiti havoc wrought by "Thing" from the Addams Family ;-)

Emperor said...

And it is a pleasure working with you - you bring an awful lot to the table.