Sunday, 17 October 2010

One Cool Cat

Jim Campbell has helped me out more times than I care to mention. He's lettered samples, collaborated on un-paid submissions and has recently worked with me on a tricky job to produce some poster sized comic pages.

Jim has just launched his own blog, Clint Flicker, where the man of letters will deal with his highly under-rated discipline's subtleties.

This weekend is the Birmingham Comcs Convention and hopefully I will have already managed to give Jim the original inks to the illustration of Catwoman below - small thanks for his efforts on my behalf.

This piece also figures as new porfolio piece for the convention and all things being well you can see a coloured version over on Scotch Corner today.

1 comment:

matt dawson said...

A really glorious piece of work Kev! Some of your best inking bar none... without sounding pervy the hatching in the cleavage and the dry brush on the thighs and forearm are beautifully handled! I love the balance of line to tone, you've got the volumes just right!