Monday, 4 October 2010

Dredd Sans

A topic on the 2000ad forum, that I've mean to contribute for a long while is the you have 15 minutes to draw Dredd's Head - minus the helmet. Over the weekend, Staz Johnson posted a particularly gritty interpretation that brought the topic back to my attention.

Suitably inspired, I sketched this last night... I think this was just under the 15mins.


Philip Morgan said...

He's amazing! This is what Dredd should look like, anyone who has ever drawn him differently has got it wrong.

matt dawson said...

I concur... instantly looks right! The features and expression are spot on and the inking is solid and expressive. 10 on 10. What colour is the hair...? Is Dredd a Redd...?

word verification: "antsk" (a Russian ant)

Anonymous said...

Fascism on crack...that's dark, Kev-man, and inspired. Might have trouble sleeping for a while though for fear I'll meet Dredd #,-) Bertles