Friday, 11 June 2010

Alas, Poor Yorick!

Here's a panel from something I've been working on... I've edited it (a bit) so as not to give the game away too much (I hope).

I've tried to use black more on this... I was just experimenting really, but moody was the order of the day so, I wanted to at least have some hatching and areas of 'spotted' blacks.


matthew mclaughlin said...

I like this! Great atmosphere - the inking is superb, especially the shadows on the hand and along the edges of the frame. We don't see enough of this type of stuff from you, Kev. More please!

matt dawson said...

The inking is very successful Kev. The eye sockets and side of the skull are handled just right. If you can get accustomed to this approach I'd say it's a powerful tool in your already well stocked tool box!

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