Thursday, 30 April 2009

Science Fiction Theatre

I'm truly finding it hard to be productive and efficient at the moment.

I've got plenty to do - mainly preparation for the upcoming Bristol Comic Convention so heaven knows why I've been fiddling around with this piece this afternoon!


Philip Morgan said...

Hi Kev, nice fiddling. I like the style of this. It feels like it should have the caption "Blob want hug"

matt dawson said...

Always make time to fiddle sir (except when Rome is burning!!!). I love your simplified colour choices on this one... and that's a bold off frame composition you've decided upon. Makes this appear like a panel in a story board...? Does that blob thingy have an underarm sweat vent type thing...?! With her hair like that... candyfloss character...?! ;) Keep on fiddling sir!

Lee Townsend said...

Nice one Kev! good luck with the work you are getting ready for the Bristol show, hope to see you there!