Friday, 21 June 2013

2000AD Lego part III

Here's the third installment of the Lego 2000ad characters I've been doing as commissions for Ian Leonard.

There may be a fourth (and final) batch in the offing.


Above in an easily clicked format are all 72 current characters.
Which ones remaining from 2000ad's illustrious history do you think are the glaringly obvious omissions? Who would you include in a fourth set of twenty-four? What characters would it be remiss to overlook in the final set?

From my own point of view, there are some I feel would work if they were going to be officially produced, but might not necessarily work as a variation of the standard and iconic Lego mini-figure.

All thoughts, comments or criticisms would be gratefully received!


simon said...

Hi Kev I've seen your work in the pages of Zarjaz. Great images - 2 fine iconic brands melded together

Phil Toodle said...

It's good to see Joe Pineapples in the last batch, are you going to give the Gronk the Lego make-over*?

*A Legover?!

Sphincter residue said...

Otto Sump, and the rest of the Angel Gang =) But awesome stuff, would love a nemesis and torquemada myself =)