Saturday, 10 March 2012

In The Beginning

The Themed Art Blog are having a Harry Potter week. I'd been needing something to get me loosened up and relaxed. So here, are Hagrid and Harry, from the beginning of The Philosopher's Stone.

I didn't refer to the book, but I know Hagrid delivers Harry to the Dursley's house on his motorbike, and I've a sneaky suspicion that Harry is in a basket or something...

...but I've been (unsurprisingly) paternal recently, and couldn't help going all whimsical with a caring cradling pose.

1 comment:

matt dawson said...

Great work 'dad'. Unquestionably it's Hagrid, you've nailed him to a tee, and your usual stunning inking to boot... Cannot get enough of that dry brush!!! Kev is most definitely back.