Thursday, 7 July 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On?

You know this is what you'll really do:

I did this, this afternoon before the news broke about The News of the World ceasing publication... seems sort of more appropriate now.

*EDIT* Seen a lot of this on the interwebs after a double check search... in fact, just about everything but my permutation of words. oh well, no such thing as a new idea.


matt dawson said...

Regardless of whether or not there are similar ones out there I love the sentiment and none I've seen have the distress to the poster like yours, hinting at the chaos going on in the wider world!!!AAAAAAARGH! oh wait a moment, News Of The World you say...? Panic over :-)

qualia said...

I love the feel of this. I am very tempted to have it on my office door to scare all my new students :-)